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              Talking House AM Radio Transmitter (TH5)
This is the classic Talking House AM Radio Transmitter System, the most popular license-free radio transmitter system of its kind ever manufactured. It is the only such system certified under FCC Part 15.219 Rules with variable-length coaxial cable in its approved design. The standard version broadcasts up to a 250-foot range, using an indoor antenna. See features and specifications.
Our quick-start guide shows just how easy this transmitter system is to set up. See details in a complete manual.
To order, call 616.772.2300 x102 (9-5 Eastern) or order from Amazon at this link. Free shipping.*
"I just want to thank you for a great product. I'm a radio hobbyist and I'm enjoying the radio and really impressed with the package."  Ken Parrish, TX
"The transmitter is a great little unit and once again the old radios have been brought back to life and preserved for future generations. My thanks again for your help and patience and it's a great outcome. ... I would advise and recommend others to deal with you in confidence."  Kent Bayley, Australia
"We are using one of these at the Texas Broadcast Museum to transmit old time radio shows to various early radios that are on display. The coverage is great and it sounds very authentic playing through a 1929 Atwater-Kent radio. We did have a few technical questions trying to optimize the units performance. The Talking House people were very quick to respond, both by email and telephone. I'd give them high marks for great customer service."  Chuck Conrad, Texas
Custom Professional Packages 
Take your Part 15 transmission system to the next level with these options that maximize quality and range: 
i A.M. Radio
   Audio Enhancement Option     
Range Extender Outdoor Antenna & Tuner     
Currently Out of Stock due to heavy demand
Feel free to email us your contact info and ask to be wait-listed.
Click here to see a user guide.
This internal component enhancement yields increased dynamic range and modulation levels. The resulting signal is even louder, fuller and more natural sounding. It includes a hand-held microphone for best recording / live audio quality. Compare on the air: see and hear results of a real-world comparison of the Talking House Transmitter with and without the i A.M. Radio enhancement.
You can get the i A.M. Audio Enhancement by calling us at 616.772.2300 x102 (9-5 Eastern) or by ordering directly from Amazon at this link. Get 5% off when bundled with the Range Extender Outdoor Antenna and Tuner (right) at this Amazon link or by contacting us.

(*) Free shipping; see footnote.
This outdoor antenna and tuner boosts range up to 2500' when mounted on a building, pole or tower. Its exclusive design allows a coaxial cable link between the transmitter and the antenna location, so your transmitter can stay indoors, safe from elements and accessible. Comes with 25' of RG6 Cable. See details here.
To order Range Extender alone, call us at 616.772.2300 x102 (9-5 Eastern) or order from Amazon at this link. Get a savings of 5% when bundled with the Talking House Transmitter at this Amazon link or with the i A.M. Radio Enhanced Audio Option at this Amazon link.

(*) Free shipping; see footnote.
Click here to see even more options & extended range products
(*) Free shipping within the contiguous United States. Fast freight or shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or outside the United States is extra and can involve a third-party agent.       
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