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Range Extender (RE2.5)

Outdoor Antenna & Tuner

The Range Extender increases the effective signal range of a Talking House (i A.M. Radio) Transmitter from hundreds to more than a thousand feet by providing a simple, professional means of installing the transmitting antenna outdoors in a weatherproof package.

The Talking House (i A.M. Radio) line of products is unique as the only such license-free system certified under FCC Part 15.219 with a variable length of coaxial cable in its approved design. This allows the transmitter to operate in a protected location where it may be set up and monitored conveniently – a location not exposed to theft or elements such as wind damage, moisture intrusion or lightning strikes.
System Specifications
Power 100 mw.
Frequency 540-1700 kHz AM: frequency ranges 540-1000/1010-1700 kHz.
Typical Signal Range Up to 2500’. Varies with mounting height and environment. 20’ minimum mounting height recommended.
Mounting Pipe or flat vertical surface, allowing antenna to extend entirely above the mounting surface with no lateral obstructions.

The Range Extender Antenna's universal channel mount can be attached to various mounting supports; it may be strapped to a pipe as shown right. It can bolt to a flat surface such as a gable, chimney, air compressor unit, etc. The antenna should fully extend above the mounting support for maximum range.
Coaxial Cable RG6 (25’ provided). May be extended based on frequency.
Antenna 118” (3 meters): 105” vertical antenna plus 13” feedline. Vertical antenna: 1.0” tapering to 7/8” aluminum tube, telescoping. Feedline: High flexibility; single, stranded copper conductor in PVC jacket. Ground line: not provided
Antenna Insulators (2) Plastic, split block clamp design, 1.0” ID.
Antenna Mount Aluminum “C” channel: H 10.5”, W 2.5”, D 1 3/16”. With mounting holes (for flat surfaces) and strap slots (for pipe).
Antenna Tuner Dimensions: H 8.0”, W 4.5”, D 2.75”. Construction: polycarbonate with see-though access door, lockable.
Controls: RF meter, frequency range switch, tuning control. Connections: coax (F) connector, antenna bolt, lightning ground bolt. Includes hardware for integration with Antenna Mount.
Hardware Stainless steel and/or corrosion resistant.
Exposed Parts Aluminum.
Certification Talking House Certification DLB5LYY98.
FCC License  Not required if installed per FCC Rules Part 15.219.
Illustrated Instructions Included.
Shipping Weight 7.5   pounds with packaging, (1) container. 
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